Packing for a Trip to the Grantown on Spey & The Highlands

Deciding on what to pack for your holiday in Scotland can be a tricky process. If you are combining a trip to the city with a few days in the highlands you may need to cover all bases. If you are travelling by plane, you may have the restrictions of luggage and weight to consider. Taking all these factors into account there are some essential items that you should most definitely include in your luggage when preparing your suitcase for Scotland, and Grantown on Spey.

We’re delighted that you have chosen to consider the Ben Mhor Hotel and Grantown on Spey as part of your itinerary. There’s no doubt that the outdoors is where you are going to spend most of your time when you stay with us, so let’s prioritise what you might need to pack.

Waterproofs (jackets and bottoms) if you plan to do lots of hikes and walks in our spectacular parks and country trails.

Comfortable and waterproof walking shoes or boots. Our town and surrounding countryside are made for walking, so this is one thing you shouldn’t skip packing.

Layers. As the saying goes, we often experience ‘Four seasons in one day’ in Scotland. Always factor in a rain shower here or there throughout your stay sprinkled with some sunny spells, just to keep you on your toes!

A charger, power bank and adaptor. There are endless photo opportunities around every corner as stunning scenery, cute shops and wild landscapes take your breath away.

Snacks and a refillable water bottle. Depending on where you adventure to during your stay, you may be well immersed in nature and convenience shops and cafes may not be as plentiful as you think.

The great news is that our town Grantown on Spey is a wonderful town with a community of friendly people, all very welcoming of visitors and our local shops have pretty much all that you may need in case you’ve forgotten anything.

Most of all, pack your sense of adventure, and enthusiasm for life and you won’t go wrong.

Any time of year is a fun time to stay at the Ben Mhor Hotel and enjoy our hospitality and Scottish welcome. For more information and to book, visit for best rates and prices.