A Winter Break in the Highlands, and why you should consider this in 2023!

You may be quite surprised to hear that Winter is one of our favourite seasons in the Highlands. Yes, the weather can be harsh and unpredictable at times but for the most part the views of snow-capped mountains, feel of crisp winter air and vistas of landscape dusted with frost is a beautiful sight to behold.

During the day, get out, get active and marvel at the very best of nature around Grantown on Spey including Cairngorms National Park. The park now offers snow showing and ski touring as part of its facilities, amazing!

Who needs to fly off to far flung ski resorts in Europe when we have superb ski conditions at Glencoe Mountain, not too far away from us here, and ideal if you want a day trip adventure on the slopes.

By night if you are lucky enough to get some clear skies during your stay with us, you’ll be hypnotised by how our dark sky light up by more stars than you could dare to dream of.

The Ben Mhor Hotel is welcoming, warm and cosy if you want to enjoy a winters night by the fire in our pub, and of course our wholesome delicious burger bar is the place to go in town for a comforting, casual style meal for less than you might think.

Give us a call, drop us an email and find out why winter really is a wonderful wonderland in the Highlands.